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Time Flies

It is unbelievable that the first acquaintance and work that I did for the International Engineering Company of Iran IRITEC dates back to about twenty years. At a time when I was a young graduate and had not really practiced any professional work, I was offered a IRITEC project.

At that time, IRITEC did not have a complete video archive, so I asked the company’s documentation unit for help. The photos were negative and very difficult to collect.

I worked hard to create the first catalog designed entirely for IRITEC. It was perhaps the first time I had learned the true meaning of film and zinc, and I saw and experienced the mistakes that a designer could make in his artwork.

After that first project, I worked a lot with IRITEC so that I could find myself in the first field to gain valuable experiences. For many of the graphic works I did for them, I went to engineering sites and took pictures myself. In the meantime, I learned a lot from the expert engineers there and illustrated the engineering processes.

Gradually, my name shifted between engineering companies, so that my orders became more and more every day due to IRITEC.

I owe my graphic engineering experience to IRITEC and its youth-centricness.

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